About Me

I am Steven.

This is a place for me to write.

I have studied, with various levels of interest, english, engineering, writing, and political science. There is a piece of paper on my wall that declares me a master of the last and, eventually, I would like to be declared a doctor in the topic, but more out of a personal interest in polical theory and less out of a desire to teach it. This philosophical background informs most of what I focus my attention on. Do not be surprised if I wax, at length, about any of the following topics: technology, both new and old, and the interesting ways in which it can be manipulated to achieve differing results; the nature of the human being as it relates to some facet of the world; or stories, storytelling, and the importance of myth. Also: video games.

While there is a method to what I post, that method is akin to the manner in which a dog goes for a walk: haphazardly, from one point-of-interest to the next. Furthermore, I encourage anyone who cares what I think about something to contact me. If it holds my interest long enough for me to think about, I am happy to write about it.

This blog is cobbled together with an elementary knowledge of HTML and CSS. My posts are written in Markdown and interpreted by Maruku. Eventually, Jekyll translates this mess of mine into something pretty and workable. I am not as knowledgeable as I would like to be on any of this stuff and, if I you notice something is amiss, I do want to know about it.