Behind the Scenes

28 Feb 2016

Paul Wells for Macleans:

I’ve never hit pause on the recorder, said “Excuse me,” and run out into the street to ask a passerby what my next question should be. Maybe that would be a fascinating experiment, but it wouldn’t be journalism. The sun doesn’t rise and set on journalism, but maybe it’s not an utterly defeated model yet, either.

The Macleans debate was great to watch and is a solid model for how we should structure them in future elections.1 Beyond being an explanation/exploration of that, this is really meant to highlight the continued excellence of Paul Wells’ work. When I find myself particularly stumped by the nonsense and incomprehensibility of my own academic writing, I often turn to Wells as an antidote. Particularly his ability to craft engaging narratives from the often dry world of political journalism – and that he does so with the care and nuance to provide something resembling the ‘whole’ picture.

  1. In Canada, that is. I am making no claims as to how to fix the dumpster fire that is the American Presidential Race.