The Style Guide: On Margaret Atwood [Episode 25]

01 Feb 2016

Margaret Atwood is an interesting figure in CanLit. She has written a number of historical fiction novels, a number of poetry volumes, and is a key figure in Canadian literary criticism, but it might very well be the case that her science fiction work is most widely known. Rather that trying to explore all of her career, Dave and I decided to focus on those sci-fi dystopias. Disagreement abounds in this episode, but when you listen along I think you will agree that the key take-away is that “Her Dystopias Are Bonkers”.

Completely “unrelated”:

I’m noticing an abundance of Irish pubs named ‘The James Joyce’ but a significant lack of Canadian pubs name ‘The @MargaretAtwood’

- Richard Kelly Kemick (@richardkemick) January 31, 2016