The Style Guide: On Sports Movies & Pitch Perfect [Episode 6]

07 Sep 2015

If you had to guess where Dave and I would go next with The Style Guide, how long would it have taken you to get to “sports movies”? It’s a genre that we are both pretty fond of and we had a fun time talking about them this week. I also finally got around to watching Pitch Perfect which, as it turns out, is pretty much a sports movie – except with a cappella singing instead of competitive physical activity.1 Getting away from particular directors and trying to ask ourselves what binds sports movies together made for an interesting discussion.

Step to the plate with ‘I Think You Have a Weird Relationship with Sports Movies’.

  1. The Wikipedia page is on “Sport” is uncomfortably clinical. This is not a surprise, of course, because of what Wikpedia is aiming to do, but it still comes across uneasily.