02 Jun 2015

I know that I would not be here without the racism that founded Canada, but today reminds us that those oppressions echo into the present. With the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Residential Schools coming to a close we need to remember that our actions mark us — as individuals and peoples. “What’s past is past” is never true. History endures within us. Residential schools are a particularly horrific national crime, but we, as a people, committed many others. To be reconciled does not just mean we apologize for the past. It involves recognizing the ways that we perpetuate those crimes in the now. Reconciliation is a process with no end, a relationship of constant renewal, and a hope to do better. The TRC has given us that opportunity.

Let us take the opportunity and admit the faults of those that came before us — and our own. Let us be the better angels of the human heart.