"But I am the real Strider..."

24 Jan 2014

SasquatchPhD on reddit/gaming:

I always thought “plumber”, in the Mushroom Kingdom at least, was more like our “ranger”.

The Mushroom Kingdom is obviously built on top of a vast network of all encompassing pipes which, for the last few decades at least, seem totally unconnected to anything major or modern. Things live in those pipes. Dark things. Dangerous things.

Mario and Luigi are the only two people in the Kingdom willing to “plumb” the depths of those pipe systems, clearing out the goombas, and the pirhanna plants, and the koopa troopas, making things safe for you and me. They’ll go places no one else would dare and face things no one else knows exist. That’s why they’re heroes.

This is not merely fan fiction, rather it is the measured examination of the world that must exist beyond that which is seen and heard. It is the construction of a narrative beyond that which is obviously presented. And once revealed, it becomes an obviousness in its own right. Of course Mario and Luigi are descendants of the Dúnedain.1

As far as I am concerned, this is now canon.

  1. Clearly, I am only speaking of their metaphorical lineage. I would never go as far to claim that the Mushroom Kingdom and Middle Earth are one and the same. Brave as Luigi may be, he is no High King of the Reunited.