The Superman Ectype

16 Jul 2013

Eric Burns-White:

Once the mantle of Superman is assumed, the character is not becoming, he has become, and at that point the burden is on the writers – he is the figure who finds the other way, who makes the right choice.

Eric’s piece explains one of the popular frustrations with Man of Steel and he does it through the use of archetypes, ectypes1, and Myth Criticism. This is a counterpoint to my previous post about the film, but Eric is quick to state that this is why the character does not work for him. This is the key.

  1. Eric is erudite and does not shy away from his academic background. It may be why I am so fond of his writing. This is his definition of the concept: “Failed attempts to get to the archetypes are ectypes. Ectypes have elements of the archetypical, but fail to achieve that zenith.”