We Are All Canucks

31 Aug 2012

Harrison Mooney for Puck Daddy:

If we’re being fair, the most essential aspects of Canuck fandom are pessimism and self-loathing. In the 41 years of this franchise, very little has gone our way and it’s gotten to us. We’ve become oversensitive. Our fuse is short. It can make us our own worst enemy, such as that one time we rioted.

And also that other time.

As a recently converted Canucks fan it is nice to be reminded of the depth and breadth of the team’s history. For many of us, there is more to hockey than sticks on ice and pucks in nets; the Canucks are an important part of Vancouver and British Columbia. It is not just the fans that are defined by the team, but also the city and the province. “We are all Canucks” is as much a reminder of our shared identity as it is a supportive rallying cry. We are, whether we like it our not, shaped by those around us and cannot help but be transformed by proximity. It is the nature of the human being.

That being said, I am not advocating that we treat the history of the Canucks with the same significance of our country and our peoples, but it is a narrative about our heritage and it does mean something. As with all stories, that is enough to make it worthy of the telling and Harrison Mooney proves himself an excellent historian.