"Maybe catharsis is all we have"

08 Aug 2012

Patrick Symmes for Outside Magazine:

It’s amazing what you notice on the 38th replay of a surveillance tape, running the grainy recording backward and forward, pausing and advancing. Sometimes I’d back the tape up to before the 17 minutes that changed my life. All the way back to the part where I still had a bicycle.

Never before has bike thievery been so interesting.

Theft is one of those problems that I wish I could point to someone and blame, “you should be held responsible”, but poverty and capital are strongly linked. We have poor people for the same reason that we have rich people: our economic system of capitalism. Neither end of the financial spectrum should be accountable for the nature of that system, but each believes that the other is the wrongdoer and treat them with disgust or anger: “the poor are only so because of their own laziness”; “the rich build their fortunes at the expense of others”.

It is incredibly rare for warfare to be a useful solution regardless of the problem; class warfare is no exception.