Signals and Noise

06 Aug 2012

Roshan Choxi:

This post isn’t about politics, it’s about noise. I realize there’s some irony in the medium of this message being a blog post. I’m not advocating that you pack up canned beans and a Snuggie and go off the grid, just turn down the noise in your life.

We all frequently make claims of busyness, that our time is somehow full, but how much of each day is spent ignoring the signal in favor of the noise? We stay caught up on timelines and tweets, on gossip masquerading as news and news that we have no need for. The Internet brought about the 24-hour news cycle, but that is simply another symptom of the same disease: information overload. There is too much data available; the human being has been overwhelmed by technologies of access. It is suggested that this information serves a purpose that is worthy and has value: entertainment — which is another way of saying that it is keeping us occupied.

Humans beings are so much better than hedonism; this is not how we are made great. Self-indulgence may be a way of living, but it is certainly not a life.