A Reminder of Courage

04 Aug 2012

Bella English for The Boston Globe:

“Dad, you might as well face it,’’ Wayne recalls Jonas saying. “You have a son and a daughter.’’

That early declaration marked, as much as any one moment could, the beginning of a journey that few have taken, one the Maineses themselves couldn’t have imagined until it was theirs. The process of remaking a family of identical twin boys into a family with one boy and one girl has been heartbreaking and harrowing and, in the end, inspiring.

This is a story about a child and a family that show astounding bravery; it has been in my queue for months, because I have been trying to find a way to talk about it, trying to come up with words to express my thoughts. After rereading it today, I realize that it does not need my voice added to it — it speaks for itself.