30 Jul 2012

Anthony Kay:

There’s more to writing a book than typing words on screen and applying a virtual binding to the result. You need to actually tell an interesting and compelling story or series of stories.

My site is, quite obviously, not meant to be considered with the same expectations that would come with a novel or non-fiction collection. That being said, I try to ensure that I am proud of everything on it;1 my steadfast aim is to be interesting and compelling.

When I point you towards another website, it is my way of recommending the words of another writer — or, as I make explicitly clear, it is my way of attacking what I perceive to be as nonsense. When I write about a video game or a television show, I share with you my experience of that medium; it is a recommendation of sorts, but it is also meant to be an entirely personal response to a piece of art. These are both methods of stacking words upon art in an effort to create more art; using the thoughts of another as a springboard for my own, aiming towards beauty. I probably fail more often than I succeed, but at least I am being honest with my intentions.

(Via The Loop)

  1. Which is one reason that there is no manner of public commenting available.