In Context

15 Jun 2012

Tycho Brahe:

Being mad at it is apparently a thing, a compulsory thing. Except I don’t do compulsory, and I also don’t do infantilizing chivalry. So I don’t do well at these kinds of parties.

It would be entirely legitimate to accuse the Hitman games of being violent — the premise is in the title and needs no explanation — but the claims of misogyny are, as Tycho reminds us, utter nonsense. There is a difference between violence against women and acts of violence. Context is important. Look at the difference in the way that the law treats an assault and a hate crime.

So when we see Agent 47 killing assassins dressed as nuns, we should keep aware of this distinction. It is quite clear that this is not eroticism as there is not enough tightly fitting leather on the planet to transform this into smut. It is likewise quite clear that this is not misogyny as their gender is only important in-so-far as it is necessary for them dress as nuns. This is violence, plain and simple. To say otherwise is to completely ignore the context, as reactionary interest groups are often want to do.