2012: A RIM Odyssey

03 Jun 2012

Michal Lev-Ram for CNNMoney:

RIM’s woebegone story is the stuff of science-fiction epic.

No, I promise you, it is not. I have read a great deal of science fiction and not a single plot even comes close to resembling the rise and fall of Research In Motion. RIM’s history is much more simple: it is a company that innovated once and then failed to catch on to the innovations of its competitors. Now it is trying desperately to remain relevant despite significance disadvantages in timing and talent.

Rather commonplace, actually. Asimov would not have had any interest in such an ordinary story and, judging from his poorly written piece1 on the company, neither did Michal Lev-Ram.

(Via Wil Shipley)

  1. Accurate as it may be.