15 May 2012

From Greg Bishop’s piece on Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls head coach:

“This is his life,” Duncan said. “For better or worse, he doesn’t have a lot of other interests. Maybe he has no other interests.”.

Thibodeau told him, “There’s no room in my life for a woman if I’m going to be a basketball coach.”

Selfishly, we wish it were different sometimes,” David said. “That we’d be able to see him with the family, mess around with his kids, the way he messes around with ours, normal stuff. If I could choose fame over that, I would take him here in a second. But this is his dream. So this is our dream.”

A reminder that we can be called to many different tasks and that success is a small measure of talent combined with absolute determination. Genius has more to do with a state of mind than an inborn gift.

(Via Matt Thomas)