I Am American*

14 May 2012

I was born in Saskatchewan; I was raised in British Columbia; and I am American.

To be perfectly clear, there are no technicalities here: both Canada and the United States consider me to be a Canadian citizen; I have a British Columbian driver’s license; and both the words “Liberal” and “Conservative” are naturally capitalized when I spell them. Geographically, I may be a Canadian, but globalization and the Internet have radically altered the way that we perceive ourselves.

I have no intentions of misleading when I speak in broad terms about how we have lost the American dream. I, primarily, read about politics and news within the United States. Most of my cultural and social influences are from American sources. It has stopped being possible for me to understand my identity without acknowledging the nation and culture that so strongly defines my politics, entertainment, and news.

Hopefully, this helps alleviate any confusion on regarding my geography.