Tyler Durden Was An Ass

19 Apr 2012

Rachel Bublitz:

Once we get closer to these physical ideals there is just as much shame as having undesirable features. It begs the question, how can we ever be satisfied? Who made us this way that we dislike the “good” parts of are bodies as much as the “bad”?

Pride is the original sin. It is through pride that Lucifer was thrown from heaven and, likewise, it was ego that began Eve and Adam’s fall from grace. One might argue that our lack of comfort in our own skins, despite beauty, is a recognition of that most fundamental of mortal sins.

I think the problem is that human beings have become coded for self-loathing; to, in recognizing that which separates us from those around us, feel contempt for the parts of ourselves that deviate from the norm, be it success, be it greatness, be it beauty. Even as we envy qualities that distinguish others from the herd, we cannot help but despise those like qualities in ourselves.

The problem is “norms”. The problem is the entire concept of normality. If we were to get over that, as a society, we would probably find ourselves much happier.

(Via @errabund)