"I’m still paying attention"

12 Apr 2012

Matt Gemmell:

It’s OK to cut out negative people from your life. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but people don’t have a free pass to be heard by you, particularly if their manner of expression is consistently unpleasant or unproductive.

Focus is an intricate phenomenon. There are so many different directions that we are drawn in, it can be difficult to choose those objects that are worthy of our attention. I have no trouble finding interesting things and developing thoughts around them; where my problems arise from is the manner in which I throw myself, head first, into the pit of wasting time on every person and purpose that connects to those interesting things. Not all people are deserving of our time; not every argument deserves to be heard or, having been heard, deserves reply.

We should be willing to give up on the people that burn us out. We should let ourselves let them go.

Thank you for the reminder, Matt.