layout: “post” title: “More Disgruntled Reflections” date: “2012-04-06 15:43” —

Mark Ciocco got a Kindle this Christmas and has a few complaints. His experiences track pretty well with everything else that I have heard, but there is one point that I think is somewhat less common:

I like page numbers. I don’t think this really qualifies me as a luddite, but perhaps I am a bit of a crackpot. Still, I really miss page numbers, and the worst part is that on many occasions, the book will have page numbers available, they just aren’t displayed by default.

The lack of proper pagination is a frustration that I share, although not just because eBooks have no real frame of reference. I am an academic and cannot get away from that. How am I supposed to accurately cite an eBook without page numbers? And it is not as if an iPad makes this problem any easier, since the number of pages depends entirely on font choices. Still, some of the problems that bother Mark about his Kindle would be solved by an iPad. Of course, the iPad has other drawbacks that come with being a multipurpose device.1

If only Apple would make an eReader.2

  1. Size and weight are both prohibitive for extensive bedtime reading. 

  2. I know that it is not going to happen and I should just give in, perhaps buy a Kobo since it supports ePub and that is important to me. But none of the eReaders out there have met all of my requirements so I have not take the plunge yet. If a Kindle mysteriously appeared on my doorstep, I would probably get over my complaints and be buying an eBook a week instead of every couple of months. But as Mark points out, I am still attached to my physical library and cutting that particular cord might have to be saved for the next generation of young whippersnappers.