No More Forced Pregnancies

05 Apr 2012

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am, on most social issues, somewhere left of the entire Democratic Party. That is fairly meaningless for me to say, because democrats, as a whole, are notoriously lousy at stating or holding any position that they decide to honor with their focus, but this is not meant to be a critic of the problem that we call “politics”.

Marie is one of my favorite Internet-people.1 She claims to exist although it would not concern me too greatly if she did not as her words still do and I think that we are all aware of the significance that I put on letters placed strategically in a line. Lately, she has put her not inconsiderable talent towards championing an issue that she has been silent about: government-forced pregnancies.

Language is important and the names that we give our actions are often as significant as the acts themselves. I do not know enough about linguistics to know the terminology that a linguist would use, but the idea is simple enough: narrative has an effect on thought. To call it a matter of choice or abortion rights is to make the issue smaller than it is, as Marie reminds us:

This is about so much more than the right to not be influenced by a stranger’s opinion. This is every bit as visceral as the right to not be dragged away in the night, to not be imprisoned without cause, to not have unapproved medical procedures done to you against your will. This isn’t about being told you can’t wear a certain t-shirt in school or at work. This is about being told that you must remain pregnant, no matter what you think or want, no matter what sound medicine says, and no matter how much suffering doing so is going to bring to you or anybody else.

I have only two words to say on the matter: I agree. Anything else would neither be as eloquent nor have the same force as Marie’s own well-thought salvos.2 This space is my personal soapbox and I spend most of my time wrapped up in theory or philosophy or literature, but this is also where I put myself on the public record. As such, I am taking this opportunity to voice my support for this issue: I am clearly and expressly stating that to ban abortion is to force pregnancy and that this is no longer a matter for us to debate. We cannot call ourselves a free society while we systematically strip half of our population of the right to self-govern.

If that upsets you, makes you think less of me, or discourages you from reading my thoughts, so be it, as there is absolutely no way in which we will be able to come together on this. If it does not, do yourself a favor and start reading Marie’s blog. She looks to be just getting started.

  1. I have always known her as Puredoxyk, but that goes back a long way and I have a tendency to call people by their given names when I do not know their preference. We really do need to solve this web-identity problem… 

  2. Yes, I am saying that her posts are weapons with which she arms herself in the war on women.