"We will keep mum"

03 Apr 2012

James Victoire for Esquire:

One thing is clear: There is a young America and there is an old America, and they don’t form a community of interest. One takes from the other. … Across the board, the money flows not to helping the young grow up, but helping the old die comfortably.

I have always believed that the purpose of politics is to create a future for our children that is better than we ourselves received. While it is possible that this represents nothing more than a remarkably naive view of the world, I cannot help but take a more cynical attitude and begin to doubt my motives, starting to believe that I have succumb to my own biases: I have no children of my own and am part of the generation that has stepped outside of the careful protection of their parents into a world that hardly seems encouraging. How else, asks the pessimist, would I see politics, but as an extension of my personal security and prosperity?

Perhaps, as I grow older, my understanding of the political will change to something more resembling a desire to simply rest as comfortably as I can – possibly in a swimming pool made up of the wealth that I have ruthlessly squeezed from foolish college students and interns desperate for “work experience”. While I can recognize such a capacity within myself, I hope that it does not come to that.

Instead, I hope that I will remember my time within a system that was not designed with my best interests in mind. I hope that fresh will stay the frustrations I felt at being ignored and undermined. While I have been luckier than some, I also can point to numerous occasions that my welfare has been outside of my own control. Self-satisfaction will never be an instrument of change, of development, or of evolution. If we are to, as a people, become better, it has to through the collective acknowledgement that the well-being of us all is of greater importance than the interests of any one individual.

(Via The Morning News)