22 Mar 2012

19 years after his first writing, Drew Magary retakes the SAT test for Deadspin1:

It’s as if the entire test had been conceived of and written by the SS. Would it kill them to have a bit of levity in the copy? Perhaps a bit of gentle reassurance? “Look, we know this is stressful for you. Just hang with us and you’ll get to go to Dairy Queen afterwards.” I think something like that would be really helpful to the more testing-averse kids out there.

Comedy as critique and an excellent example of both.

The purpose of most standardized testing is to prove a capacity to pass standardized tests. There are no applicable life skills to be learned from such pursuits. It makes me wonder how I would treat the opportunity to go back and redo my schooling: would I, knowing my abilities, strive harder than the first time or would I, knowing the futility of the system, commit myself elsewhere?

(Via The Morning News)

  1. I just learned that SAT is an acronym without meaning: it is neither a test of scholarly aptitude nor scholastic assessment. The initials once stood for both, but now the acronym is empty and has meaning only as a brand.