Decision 2012 - Russia

04 Mar 2012

Vladimir Putin was just elected to another term as President of Russia, despite having been barred from running again in 2008. This was made possible due to language in the Russian constitution that prevents one from serving more than two consecutive terms. While this was little more than a careful reading of the legislation, the outright manipulation came during Putin’s brief four-year stint as Prime Minister (read as: President) when the current president, Dmitry Medvedev, put forth an amendment that changed the length of presidential terms from four years to six starting with, yes you guessed it, Putin’s third term.

The puppet-President Medvedev will most likely become the new Prime Minister (read as: uh… person in suit?) when Putin steps down. At which point, I would guess that Putin will get rid of the bicycle built for two that he and Medvedev have been riding for the last four years and replace it with something much less cumbersome. Maybe a jet plane or a bomber sub, because nothing says “I’ve gotten over that annoying semblance of democracy” like vehicles that can be easily equipped with nuclear weapons.