Feathers and Wax

01 Mar 2012

Ross Andersen for The Atlantic:

If there were two planets: one of them is teeming with life, but it’s not habitable because it’s methane or sulfur based life, and the other is an Eden with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and only eighty percent our gravity, so everyone would be a superman, and they’re in opposite directions, where would we go if you had to pick one? To us, proliferating the human race must always come first. We would go to the Eden and not think twice about it.

I would give up almost anything for the opportunity to touch the stars. It is a goal unto itself and worthy of achieving only to be done. I am Icarus reborn; the earth is my Crete; and the boundless infinitude of space replace his skies over an endless sea.

Realizing the dream of space is worth any number of broken hearts.