Web Necessities

26 Feb 2012

Minimal, regarding advertising:

The first thing I do when I install a new OS is to install ad blocking plugins for the browser, along with script blocking and flash blocking. I know this might hurt the site’s owner, but [forget] it. If I am paying for content I want content, not ads.

Minimal, you just made it incredibly easy for me to quit reading your blog, despite the fact that I have enjoyed almost all of your content up to this point.

I am positive that you, on a regular basis, visit many sites that you do not pay for. How I can be sure of that? Because that is the way the Internet works. Advertising is a necessity for many websites, either to offset the cost of hosting or because there is not a viable alternative. John Gruber is able to sustain himself entirely based on advertising – although he prefers to call it “sponsorship”, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

And it is not a bad thing, particularly because it is well-executed and deliberate. The advertising that comes from Gruber is clean, hand-picked, and unobtrusive. Being subject to that is how I pay for reading his website and most websites.

Your frustration is that advertising has, in many cases, started to outweigh content and I agree that is a problem, but the solution is not to block every ad. Stop going to the websites that cannot get it right or, if you feel strongly enough about it and would like to see them succeed, do not hestitate to contact the content providers and tell them.

You are smart; you have a vision for the future of the Internet; and you have a voice. Stop complaining and start building the Internet that you want to see.