Conservative Affirmative Action

19 Feb 2012

The DailyKos quotes Rick Santorum:

Just like we have certifying organizations that accredit a college, we’ll have certifying organizations that will accredit conservative professors. If you are to be eligible for federal funds, you’ll have to provide an equal number of conservative professors as liberal professors.

How will they define “conservative” or “liberal”? Party affiliation would be the easiest measure, although it would not necessarily be as accurate a metric as voting history would be and if we are going to ignore civil liberties we shouldn’t do it halfway.

Rick Santorum is a crazy person. He frequently suggests policies such as this one, either because he has not had the forethought to plan them in advance or because his advisory team has absolutely nobody capable of criticizing his terrible ideas. Either way, the man has absolutely no place in any position of power – political or otherwise.