Perfection, In All You Do

02 Feb 2012

Tom Downey, for The Wall Street Journal

Obsessive—some might say insane—pursuit of perfection, in coffee and cuisine, clothes and comforts, isn’t unusual in Japan.

I have a tendency to only commit myself to pursuits that I am good at and to, in private, practice at those actions until I feel confident enough to showcase them. If I do not succeed—by my own definition—then it is back to rehersal, to training. Or, if I feel that the effort required is not worth the outcome, I give up.

This is not something that I regret. Granted, I have very little to showcase and prove myself with, but that is not the point. Perfection, absolute and total perfection, is the aim. I am nowhere near that mark now and I may never reach it, because there is always more to learn.

But for now, the trying is enough.