FNL Recap: [1-1] Tested

18 Jan 2012

We all learn, at a very young age, that we pay for our sins with blood. The pain that comes with time teaches us that we likewise pay for our successes. But if we walk unerringly, with clear eyes and full hearts, we cannot lose.

I write. That is how I experience the world and it always has been. But in Dillon, Texas, they live in anticipation of the next friday night when darkness will fall and the only lights for miles will be pointed toward a 120 yard stretch of field. They live for football.

This is the world of Friday Night Lights, but do not mistake this for the making of heroes. It is the transformation of youth, of children into human beings. They will realize that their lives as children are something that must be surpassed; that these experiences, the joys and the sorrows alike, are a bridge to something greater and, if they are ever to reach that plateau, they will have to overcome themselves.

Perfection is the starting point for Friday Night Lights. These boys. This team. This town. They are perfect from the first moment that we are brought into their grace. And, in the another moment as a boy decides to be a hero, they are shattered. These boys. This team. This town.

Friday Night Lights is not a story of rebuilding. That which they were is gone. That which they were to be will never be. Instead, this is the story of something else, of something greater. This is the story of a team that could not lose.