Crab Mentality

10 Jan 2012

The Democrats have spent the last twenty years – minimum – demonizing their allies in an attempt to succeed at extremely short term goals at the expense of any meaningful long term strategy. It is the liberal way. Much like with spoiled children and ice cream, the left wing would rather have their particular flavor of democracy or none at all. It takes a special kind of madness to hold a loaded gun to an entire political party and shout, “either everyone agrees with me or the Republicans get to run the country”.

Despite this, Democratic candidates are still able to ascend to the presidency. Barack Obama did it in 2008 with “Yes We Can” and Bill Clinton in 1992 was helped along by Ross Perot’s third party run. It is obviously not a strict rule that Republicans are more successful politicians, but I would argue that they have consistently had an significant advantage: unity. Republicans are, primarily, interested in maintaining the status quo which has allowed them to band together in the fights against communism, civil rights, equal marriage, and gender equality. Their opposition to change has permitted them to agree with each other more readily, because “no” requires few qualifiers.

Democrats strive for utopia, which demands a complete overhaul of existing social, political, and cultural institutions, but they radically disagree on the best methods to employ and on the roadmap to follow. This can be blamed on the “me first” attitudes of nearly every major democratic lobby group.

Still, this seems to be a perfectly natural viewpoint, as we are best able to enjoy our successes the sooner that they happen, and the Left has been following it for years with some successes. So why should proponents of same-sex marriage care about ensuring the fairness of affirmative action? Why does a pro-choicer need to champion taxation based on the veil of ignorance?

The answer is simple: we cannot achieve utopia if we do not advocate for each other. We must be each other’s keepers.

And, finally, we return to the topic of presidental primaries. Over the last five years the Republican Party has forgotten this creed and, by doing so, has created the half-mad political hydra that has taken the form of the Republican primary contest. Whether this is viewed as a positive or negative will depend entirely on personal politics, but before the Left proudly declares this to be a predictor of their own future success, consider that the Democratic Party has been driven by politics of individualism for decades.

And exactly what do they have to show for it?