How to Fail at Screenwriting

25 Dec 2011

Justin Halpern, a writer for Shit My Dad Says and How to Be a Gentleman:

I was ecstatic, and hopeful that this show would gel and become a hit. Instead, we were pulled off the air after two episodes. It felt as if my wife had turned to me the instant we’d finished having sex and said, “I want to have an abortion.”

I have a lot of respect for writers involved in television or movies. They choose to pin their success and failures on an entire team of people, any of which are capable of sinking the entire project. Even worse, triumphs are so rarely attributed to the writing team and they often become scapegoats when something is not working. When writing a novel, you are responsible for your own greatness with regards to the project itself – although any number of people can screw up your fame, especially those unwashed, plebeian masses who would not recognize genius if it trampled over their cars during rush hour.

Best of luck to Justin. I certainly do not have what it takes to invest my energy in those undertakings and have the utmost respect for those who do.

Even if they are responsible for Shit My Dad Says.