Occupy is not a Humanism

24 Dec 2011

Susanna Rustin, for The Guardian:

The Occupy movement’s claim to speak for the 99% and against the 1% is a “bit strange”. Millions of people in the west, and not just investment bankers, are in the 1% if wealth is reckoned globally.

It is all about where we draw our lines; whom we choose to consider equals and whom we choose to overlook. Occupy is a movement unconcerned with global economic inequality, because it is still rooted in capitalist notions of property and ownership.

Occupy should stop pretending to be a humanist movement. To declare that their struggle is about the basic rights and freedoms is not only naive, it is also untrue. The protest is about democracy or the lack-there-of. The United States is no longer a democratic country, if it ever truly was; it, like many nations, has become a plutocracy where the dollar has more say than the vote.

The real rallying cry of Occupy is redistribution of wealth for reason of democracy: more people than not want rich people not to be rich.

The only problem is that when you put it like that Occupy starts to sound facile.