"You should have been more arrogant"

20 Dec 2011

Regarding the Netflix price “hike”, Doug Aamoth for Time:

“But it’s the principle!” everybody screamed, their arms flailing like wet noodles. Yes, the company that brings you affordable entertainment needs to add more entertainment, which makes it marginally less affordable than before. That’s how these things work.

In the last three months alone, Netflix has, for the price of a single date night, allowed me to watch: Luther, Sherlock, Lie to Me, Life, Jericho, Firefly, and The Usuals. Of course, that is just my recent television history and completely fails to take into account the numerous movies that I would have likely skipped. Plus Fawlty Towers and Torchwood are on the way.1

Technologies of access are the next best thing to magic, but the only way that the future works is if we take part. Stop complaining and get on board with it.

  1. Maybe to Canada. Just like with Amazon, the worst part about Netflix is being Canadian.