Glengarry Glen Moncton

29 Nov 2011

Weh-Ming Cho, with a Kijiji ad:

You gave it your best shot. You tried to shovel by yourself and I respect you for that. I did it, my parents did it, some of my best friends did it. But deep down inside, we all wanted to murder that neighbour with the snowblower who was finished and on his second beer while you were still trying to throw snow over a snowbank taller than you are.

So, here we are. You could murder your neighbour, which could ensure that you won’t need to shovel a driveway for 25 to life, but there are downsides to that too. What to do?

There is an art to the plant and pitch. Weh-Ming knocks it out of the park while trying to sell a snowblower. Thus further inforcing the notion that if Kafka were born today, he would have spend his nights posting idly on 4chan or reddit.