Where the Buffalo Roam(ed)

14 Nov 2011

Robert Krulwich, for NPR

Why, when he came upon a grand specimen, maybe the last of its kind, why did he look at it and think only, “Ah, this will be a great sculpture”?

With a name of William Temple Hornaday I expected great things, but a burning passion for taxidermy was not one of them.

He also wrote a book: Our Vanishing Wild Life: It’s Extermination and Preservation. In it, he calls the preservation of nature “one of the foremost duties of the men and women of to-day … Every possible means of preservation,–sentimental, educational and legislative,–must be employed”. The exception, of course, being when talking about entire herds of buffalo. Those should be shot and taxidermied en masse.

(Via The Morning News)