"I've got 99 problems..."

28 Oct 2011

More idiocy from Dahlia Lithwick:

Mark your calendars: The corporate media died when it announced it was too sophisticated to understand simple declarative sentences.

Her piece is written as a manifesto for the already converted and normally such preaching serves no purpose beyond self-satisfaction. Forutnately for us, it is also filled with laughable nonsense for the rest of us to enjoy.

I particularly enjoyed her ultimate paragraph, wherein she, rather firmly, pats herself on the back:

By refusing to take a ragtag, complicated, and leaderless movement seriously, the mainstream media has succeeded only in ensuring its own irrelevance. The rest of America has little trouble understanding that these are ragtag, complicated, and leaderless times. This may not make for great television, but any movement that acknowledges that fact deserves enormous credit.