Drive, Revisited

26 Oct 2011

Alex Doenau, over at Batrock, shares his thoughts on Drive:

By turns minimalistic and over the top, Drive asks many questions that don’t need the answers they don’t receive. Ultimately, who cares where the Driver came from? Who cares where he’s going? All he needs is to drive, and we were fools to ever have thought otherwise.

The Driver is our gunslinger, full of calm and violence. There is no conflict in this duality. He is simply a man aware of the full measure of himself.

Drive is meant to envelop, each piece full and overwhelming. Alex describe is as “a film that you can swim in”, but I would take it further: Drive is a film that you can drown in. Scene after scene pulls air from your lungs, because it is so easy to forget to breathe when your trying to absorb the entirety of the film. And, make no mistake, this film is huge in both tone and scope.

I wonder what Nietzsche would think of the Driver.