Full Disclosure

01 Oct 2011

Back in what I will refer to as the “Golden Days of TechCrunch”1, Mike Arrington offered a full disclosure “update to [his] investment policy”. This little nugget was found in the comments:

Ben Metcalfe: I think the disclosure was the right thing to do here. But just to confirm - do any other TechCrunch staff participate in investing or advising startups, and/or hold interests in startups? I guess a confirmation of any and how this policy extends to them would be appreciated. And probably useful for everyone.

Michael Arrington: MG has a religious love of Apple and thinks they do no wrong, ever. Other than that, I don’t believe there is anything to disclose. Obviously many guest posts have conflicts but are noted. Some of our more random contributors may have investments or advisor shares but we’re clear with them on our policies.

MG Siegler: I just bought a new iPad Smart Cover. Great investment. Consider it disclosed.

Awesome, no? Consider this the full extent of my thoughts on Arrington’s new venture, Uncrunched.

  1. Also known as April 2011.