20 Sep 2011

Dennis Lim’s New York Times interview of Ryan Gosling paints him as exactly the kind of man I pictured after seeing Drive:

Mr. Gosling said he doesn’t get recognized that much: “You just have to hang out in places that are more interesting than you are.”

“Do you think it’s too much?” Mr. Gosling said. “It would be nice to have time in between for people to forget one character and accept another.”

Actors, true actors, are an incredible breed. Their particular type of genius is one that I can appreciate as a writer, but will also never really understand. When I put pen to page, I am not stepping into someone else’s skin. All of my writing is, no matter the topic, a facet of myself. Acting, though, requires a completely different mindset: the ability to, despite whomever you may be, become another individual.

What I mean to say is that Drive is a fantastic movie.