Secret Conservative Death Camps

19 Sep 2011

I like reading the National Post’s Full Comment section although I must confess that I’m not as big a fan when they just post a series of Christopher Hitchens essays.

Still, Kelly McParland had an excellent piece–dripping with sarcasm that many of her commenters do not seem to understand–on Stephen Harper’s plans for the next Parliament:

Stephen Harper finally has the moment we’ve been waiting for, the one where he whips out the file with the Top Secret stamp and the padlock on the cover, produces the key from his pocket and reveals to the world his Hidden Agenda.

It’s kind of hard to campaign against Stephen Harper by saying, “he will, gradually and without much fanfare, do exactly what he says that he will”. Especially difficult when most Canadians can’t be bothered to muster any sort of emotional response to his last five years as Prime Minister. Baring a scandal or some major political realignment, I think that Harper will stay Prime Minister until he decides to retire from politics.