"A terribly hard thing."

17 Sep 2011

Pat Robertson is not a man for whom I have any respect. He has said a great many hateful things, declaring his interpretation of morality as the absolute truth, to an audience that looks to him for guidance and answers. But recently, he has been criticized by fellow Christians for comments he made about struggling with the conflict that arises between the vows of marriage and the need for companionship amidst the death-like grief that occurs with dementia. He said that he did not know:

That is a terribly hard thing. I hate Alzheimer’s. It is one of the most awful things, because here’s the loved one—this is the woman or man that you have loved for 20, 30, 40 years, and suddenly that person is gone. They’re gone. They are gone.

This is an ethical question that is beyond my ken to tell you. But I certainly wouldn’t put a guilt trip on you if you decided that you had to have companionship.

He someone who, like the rest of us, is trying to understand the universe and the struggles that we, as human beings, face within it. This is the purpose of liberalism–not the breaking apart of Christian morality in order to excuse a hedonistic lifestyle–but the attempt to come to terms with the questions that are not easily answered by faith alone.

(Via William Saletan’s excellent Slate post, “The After-Wife”)