Coffee's for Closers

14 Sep 2011

Microsoft did a demo of Windows 8 this week. The tech bloggers are putting in their two cents on what it means for both the computer and the tablet industies. Lots of voices taking every side of the matter. Lots of voices that I skipped in my feed reader this week.


Because I don’t care. Until Windows 8 or Metro actually makes it out into the wild and onto devices that I can touch, it may as well the PADD or a sonic screwdriver.

Apple can keep 10% of the total PC marketshare. That won’t bother me in the slightest, because I’ve used OS X and I’ve used Windows 7 and I know where I stand on the matter. Apple makes high quality products that I’m happy to pay for and I will continue to be happy to pay for them.

Microsoft has a long way to go before they regain my attention and it won’t come from tech demos or product announcements. It’ll come from putting Windows 8 into my hands and wowing me with it.

Winners ship. That’s all there is to it.