Laptop 2.0

12 Sep 2011

In his latest article on “winning” the mobile phone war, John Gruber includes a footnote that he has discussed before on The Talk Show:

I think fundamentally, tablets like the iPad are simply portable computers. Tablets are a segment of the computer industry, not an industry unto themselves.

The notion that the iPad is just a big iPhone has started to disappear as the general public begins to find more uses for this new device. Lately, I have not heard as many people asking whether it can be used a phone. Instead, the questions are more geared towards the laptop functions that it replaces: “can I do a powerpoint presentation?”, “what is the most effective way to takes notes?”, “how well does it work for media on vacation?”.

People don’t want to use it as an oversized phone. They want to use is a portable computer.

Tablets are to laptops as laptops were to desktops.