Journalistic Ouroboros

08 Sep 2011

Paul Carr writes about the New York Times writing about TechCrunch writing about TechCrunch:

Ceding control to the Huffington Post will be the death of everything — the voice, the swagger, the “fuck you” attitude — that makes TechCrunch great; and I’m not going to stay around to watch that happen.

I haven’t been following the CrunchFund saga with any sort of rigor, so I don’t have a particularly thorough analysis. Maybe it was a bad idea for Mike to name his venture fund after his tech news enterprise. Perhaps the New York Times should focus more on journalism and less on writing about other journalists. And maybe Arianna Huffington shouldn’t have fired the guy whom everyone at TechCrunch seems to respect.

Lots of “maybes” in the affair.

There is one certainty on which we can all agree: these stories have led to far too many accidental page views of the Huffington Post. If Mike really is gone from TechCrunch, maybe he can get a new job redesigning the giant, bloated mess that is the Huffington Post website. We can only hope…