06 Sep 2011

Mike Evangelist shares a memorable experience with Steve Jobs:

It was one of my proudest moments at Apple; to be part of a company that lets its heart guide its actions. I know now, more than ever, that the company is built that way because of Steve.

I don’t know where Apple is going to go in the next decade as there are many different directions that $76 billion dollars can take the company. I do know that Tim Cook will lead the way and his footsteps will be his own. On some ventures, he will succeed outright and on others, he will stumble. Anyone who expects otherwise is a fool. Absolute perfection has never been a requirement for greatness–else we would have forgotten all of history’s geniuses long ago, including Steve Jobs.

If Tim Cook can match Steve’s tenacity and his desire for success–that is not just to say stock valuation or number of units sold, but in creating the best possible product–then he will do right by Apple and we will continue to see the company lead the technology race. This will be as much up to Tim Cook as it will be to the many brilliant minds who also work for Apple and I have the utmost of faith in that they will continue to impress.

But I am more curious as to what we will see of Tim Cook and whether he will rise to his own greatness. The coming years will tell, as we begin to hear stories about Tim like those that are being revealed about Steve.

My guess: we ain’t seen nothing yet. The best of Apple is yet to come.

(Via minimal mac)