Burning Cyborg

05 Sep 2011

Duncan Davidson explains why he turned away from Burning Man:

If you want to show a photograph you’ve made at Burning Man in public, the contract stipulates that you have to get permission not only from people in the photograph, but from Black Rock City LLC. Furthermore, if your camera can capture video–and what camera these days doesn’t–you have to register it and have it tagged.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

As more of us become cyborgs, enhancing our awarenesses with various technologies, the boundaries between that which we are able to perceive with our physical senses will collide with that which we are permitted to experience with our digital senses. Eventually, as our use of technology becomes a dependency on technology, this collision will become a major point of contention in our society. For now, Duncan has the option to separate himself from his camera and leave photographer-Duncan behind.

How long before that is no longer a convenient separation?

How long before that is no longer a possible separation?

Eventually, we will look back on the current debate about the dangers of social media and scoff at the perceived threats. Technology is fundamentally changing what it means to be human and the consequences of such rapid transformations will alter our societies in ways that we can only begin to imagine.