Creating A Flop

26 Aug 2011

Sean Hood, one of the writers of the recent Conan the Barbarian remake, writing on Quora:

One joins a movie production, the same way one might join a campaign, years before the actual release/election, and in the beginning one is filled with hope, enthusiasm and belief. I joined the Conan team, having loved the character in comic books and the stories of Robert E. Howard, filled with the same kind of raw energy and drive that one needs in politics.

It is incredibly easy to forget that, no matter how terrible a movie is, there are real, living human beings behind it. Human beings who worked hard to make it happen. Human beings who may have, at some point, thought that they were creating the “next big thing”. I can confess to that same feeling only to reach the abrupt, terrifying conclusion that the work you did was barely passable and not even remotely close to genius.

Reading Sean’s painfully honest account of the stages of a failed project is almost enough to make me want to watch Conan, just to support him.


(Via io9)