Musings (8)

24 Jun 2011

  • I think that I should find a job where I get on sinking ships1and bail them out by being awesome. Kind of the opposite of George Clooney from Up in the Air. So, George Clooney in Michael Clayton or, I guess, him from The Men Who Stare at Goats.
  • Super 8: Not your grandparents E.T.
  • I have a terrible habit in video games: hoarding. Whether it be ammo, money or consumables, anything that my characters find is saved for the moment of absolute crisis where the need to so great that to hold anything back would mean failure. Needless to say, this extremity never actual occurs: it is but utter fantasy. A game designer cannot cater entirely to the madness of a hoarding mindset lest all others be left behind. Knowing this does not prevent me from saving every dollar, rare candy, and power node. The worst part: this behavior isn’t limited to Dead Space and Red Dead Redemption. I currently have one free Cineplex movie tickets, three free “large coffees”, and who knows how many Groupons.2
  • Joel Courtney3 would make a pretty good Ender in an Ender’s Game film.
  • My Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding offends me. Actually, let’s make that easier: everything on TLC offends me.
  • Prettify* is exactly the wrong type of website for me to get hooked on. I gain zero productivity from it and, in fact, get lost in the archives for hours on end, three am rolls around I’ve downloaded dozens of wallpapers that I probably won’t ever get around to using. They’ll take up disk space until I randomly find that folder, wonder why kept all those images, and then delete it. So, you know, go check it out and then get angry at the productivity-killing bastard who runs it.
  • I still really liked Snow Crash, but I prefer my subtext to be, you know, sub.
  • I Am Number Four is Twilight with aliens. Also: it should have Samuel L. Jackson as the main villain. Best line from the movie: “We don’t love like the humans. With us it’s forever.”
  1. metaphorical ones, obviously. I’m not so good with the swimming thing. 

  2. I guess I should get on those Groupons soon. I’m curious about the consequences of all those existing deals when the company finally disappears. The individual companies are probably on the hook for them… 

  3. The actor, not the serial killer.