Musings (6)

08 May 2011

  • If a movie is on Netflix and I have a Netflix account, is it cool for me to just torrent a higher-resolution version of it? No, you say? Well that’s just damn confusing. Also confusing is that I can search “Louis CK” on Netflix and come up with three results, but two of them are “Unavailable”. Well, gee Netflix, thanks. I appreciate that you’re telling me what I can’t have.1 It would be somewhat understandable if you were telling me that they will be available sometime soon, but you’re not. Instead, you’re just operating as a very limited version of IMDb. In the States, “unavailable” has something to do with there not being a physical copy, but we don’t have anything but Instant Watch here. Maybe the American site and the Canadian site draw from the same database. In which case, stop it.
  • Dole’s definition of “Lots-o-Cherries” is seriously lacking. Del Monte’s “Very Cherry” knows how it should be done.
  • Asimov writes one hell of a detective story.
  • re: Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall–from America’s Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness : why do we insist on referring to people’s lives as rises and falls? They are people, not waves. The book itself is an in-depth study of both the boy and the man who young-Steve admired for his genius, but didn’t really understand. The paranoia and anti-Semitism that plagued his later years was always confusing: was madness the cost of his genius?2 Endgame helps set the record straight, clearly drawing the line between the madman that Bobby Fischer appeared to be and the mildly paranoid asshole that he actually was.
  • Thanks Mark for introducing me to Triangle. Terrifying to watch by myself in the dark, but it’s a fantastic movie that does a lot of things right. But don’t watch any trailers or do any reading about it. Just go watch it. Hell, even ignore the poster too. And since I mentioned it, you should read Mark’s blog. If only because he has good taste and points me towards a great deal of the universe that I would otherwise ignore.
  • One day, I’ll be able to unplug the headphones from my iPhone and put them into my iPad while keeping the same song playing.
  1. If I wanted a filmography for my search, I’d head to IMDb or Wikipedia. 

  2. This is a whole ‘nother topic: Would Lincoln have been Lincoln without his melancholy?; would Eliot?; would Cohen? Depression is romanticized as simply a side effect of genius. I haven’t decided my thoughts on this yet. I have decided that we need to stop declaring that people “suffer” from depression. It is an illness. Let’s treat it like one.