Vancouver Doesn't Want You, Joe O'Connor

02 May 2011

Apparently, Vancouver is hurting for fans these days. At least, that is the story as Joe O’Connor of the National Post seems to see it as he proclaims that he has no desire to support the proudly Canadian Canucks.

Fortunately for us, the Vancouver Canucks have fans aplenty. We have fans to boo every missed call, cheer every strong shift, and celebrate every chance to prove ourselves in overtime. We have fans whose memories go back further than the last time Luongo lost a big game, who know that Kesler leaves everything on the ice even if he doesn’t score, and who admire the wizardry of the Sedins who have started to shape this franchise. We have fans who love these players from the fragile bones of Sami Salo to the grit of Raffi Torres to the manic speed of Mason Raymond. We have fans who admire Mike Gillis’ shielding of his team. We have fans who love the Green Men, hate Vince Vaughn, and are impressed by the President’s Trophy.

We have fans who remember the magic of Trevor Linden, who know what it means to “pass it to Bulis”, and who mourn the tragedy of Luc Bourdon. We can’t help but recall the following years, in descending order of importance: 1994, 1982, and 2007. It was our fans who cried out first and loudest against Todd Bertuzzi; our fans who knew Luongo would make Team Canada proud; and our fans who brought meaning to Towel Power.

We have fans who have weathered the many storms of forty years and fans who barely know their history beyond this last year. We have fans who believe that this is our time (but will continue wave our towels proudly, even if it is not). We have fans who love this team and love this game. Joe O’Connor, we are all Canucks and we’ve got room for many more, but we don’t need more fans and we certainly don’t need you.