Musings (5)

11 Apr 2011

  • The best part of Castle is figuring out which ridiculous cliche they happen to be using this episode.
  • Some people don’t understand what a Shame Dinner is. For them, there is no explaining.
  • Tiger Woods is an impressive golfer.
  • Dear Rogers: I should be able to access my Rogers account information between the hours of midnight and six am. Does someone really need to mention that this is 2011 and that 25% downtime is not acceptable?
  • Season Four of Burn Notice is doubleplusgood. Introducing a new member to the cast to shake things up? Boo-yah! That is, until it all blows up.
  • The poster for Along Came A Spider looks remarkable similar to the poster for The Bone Collector. Not so much with Men of Honor.
  • No, Netflix. I refuse to rate The Net starring Sandra Bullock. I just refuse.
  • While we’re on the topic, I haven’t determined whether Netflix is incredibly good at predicting movies for me or if I am completely indifferent towards my own tastes. Regardless, the ability to turn off The Game after half hour without feeling movie-renter’s shame is pretty awesome.
  • Delicious Library 2 allows me to methodically categorize and sort my entire book collection. This allows me to A: impress people with my large my book-penis is and B: feel shame because I don’t have as many books as I wish I did.